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Locust mp3 download (77 tracks)

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Album: New Erections mp3 download

Year: 2007
Artist: Locust
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStar

Locust - New Erections album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Locust - AOTKPTA.mp3 5.40 Mb download
2. Locust - We Have Reached an OfficialVerdict: Nobody Gives a Shit.mp3 2.49 Mb download
3. Locust - The Unwilling...Led By the Unqualified...Doing the Unnecessary...For the Ungrateful.mp3 6.92 Mb download
4. Locust - One Manometer Away FromMutually Assured Relocation.mp3 2.74 Mb download
5. Locust - Full Frontal Obscurity.mp3 3.26 Mb download
6. Locust - Scavenger, Invader.mp3 2.28 Mb download
7. Locust - Hot Tubs Full of Brand New Fuel.mp3 3.60 Mb download
8. Locust - God Wants Us All To Work inFactories.mp3 3.58 Mb download
9. Locust - Book of Bot.mp3 7.98 Mb download
10. Locust - Slum Service (Served on the Sly).mp3 1.74 Mb download
11. Locust - Tower of Mammal.mp3 2.07 Mb download

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Album: Safety Second, Body Last (EP) mp3 download

Year: 2005
Artist: Locust
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Locust - Safety Second, Body Last (EP) album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Locust - armless and overactive-who's h.mp3 12.99 Mb download
2. Locust - consenting abscess-one decent.mp3 9.64 Mb download

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Album: Plague Soundscapes mp3 download

Year: 2003
Artist: Locust
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStar

Locust - Plague Soundscapes album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Locust - Solar Panel Asses.mp3 1.21 Mb download
2. Locust - Soul Exchange Program Rectum Return Policy.mp3 1.72 Mb download
3. Locust - Psychic Sasquatch.mp3 0.79 Mb download
4. Locust - Halo Of Pubic Hair and Earwax Manufactured For The Champion In All Of Us.mp3 1.72 Mb download
5. Locust - Wet Dream War Machine.mp3 1.55 Mb download
6. Locust - 23 Lubed Up Schizophrenics With Delusions Of Grandeur.mp3 2.48 Mb download
7. Locust - Live From The Russian.mp3 1.98 Mb download
8. Locust - Psst! Is That A Halfie In Your Pants.mp3 1.52 Mb download
9. Locust - Priest With The Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Get Out Of My Bead.mp3 1.61 Mb download
10. Locust - Practiced Hatred.mp3 1.30 Mb download
11. Locust - Anything Jesus Does, I Can Do Better.mp3 2.62 Mb download
12. Locust - Late For A Double Date With A Pile Of Atoms In The Water Closet.mp3 1.36 Mb download
13. Locust - Recyclable Body Fluids In Human Shape.mp3 1.60 Mb download
14. Locust - Sperm Donor.mp3 1.01 Mb download
15. Locust - Teenage Mustache.mp3 1.95 Mb download
16. Locust - The Half-eaten Sausage Would Like To See You In His Office.mp3 1.38 Mb download
17. Locust - Listen The Mighty Ear Is Hear.mp3 1.24 Mb download
18. Locust - Can We Please Get Another Nail In The Coffin Of Cultural Theft.mp3 2.28 Mb download
19. Locust - How To Become A Virgin.mp3 1.16 Mb download
20. Locust - Pulling The Christmas Pig By The Wrong Pair Of Ears.mp3 1.53 Mb download
21. Locust - Who Wants A Dose Of The Clap.mp3 1.88 Mb download
22. Locust - Captain Gaydar Turn On Your Radar.mp3 0.98 Mb download
23. Locust - Prelude To The Last Forty Minutes.mp3 2.33 Mb download

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Album: No-One In The World mp3 download

Year: 1998
Artist: Locust
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStar

Locust - No-One In The World album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Locust - No-one In The World (D.J.B. radio edit).mp3 9.40 Mb download
2. Locust - No-one In The World (Frankenstein UV remix - radio version).mp3 13.22 Mb download
3. Locust - No-one In The World (LP version).mp3 19.58 Mb download
4. Locust - No-one In The World (Mack Mongoloid mix).mp3 21.64 Mb download
5. Locust - No-one In The World (Mongoloidian Killer Bees mix).mp3 23.40 Mb download

Album: Truth is born of arguments mp3 download

Year: 1995
Artist: Locust
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStar

Locust - Truth is born of arguments album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Locust - i am afraid of who i am.mp3 7.56 Mb download
2. Locust - i became overwhelmed.mp3 9.42 Mb download
3. Locust - i believe in a love i may never know.mp3 9.50 Mb download
4. Locust - i feel cold inside because of the things you say.mp3 10.72 Mb download
5. Locust - inside i am crying.mp3 9.54 Mb download
6. Locust - love you cruelly gave me would not last.mp3 4.07 Mb download
7. Locust - optimist.mp3 12.86 Mb download
8. Locust - penetration.mp3 8.76 Mb download
9. Locust - saturated love.mp3 10.26 Mb download
10. Locust - truth is born of argument.mp3 9.77 Mb download
11. Locust - when we coincide.mp3 9.47 Mb download

Album: Flight of the Wounded Locust mp3 download

Year: 0
Artist: Locust
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStar

Locust - Flight of the Wounded Locust album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Locust - Alas Here Come the Hypochondriacs to Wait With You in the Lobby.mp3 1.27 Mb download
2. Locust - Bring Your 65 Italian Carbine.mp3 1.27 Mb download
3. Locust - Flight of the Wounded Locust.mp3 4.60 Mb download
4. Locust - Get off the Cross, The Wood is Needed.mp3 1.25 Mb download
5. Locust - Gluing Carpet to Your GEnitals Does not Make You a Cantaloupe.mp3 1.49 Mb download
6. Locust - Sever the Toes.mp3 1.55 Mb download
7. Locust - Siphoning Projectiles During Selective Annesia.mp3 1.94 Mb download
8. Locust - Spitting in the Faces of Fools as a Source of Nutrition.mp3 1.34 Mb download
9. Locust - This Is Radio Surgery.mp3 1.23 Mb download
10. Locust - Turning Your Merchandise into a Ripped Wall of Mini-Abs.mp3 1.11 Mb download
11. Locust - Wet-Burse Syndrome Hand-Me-Down Display Case.mp3 1.01 Mb download

Album: Locust mp3 download

Year: 0
Artist: Locust
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStar

Locust - Locust album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Locust - An Extra Piece Of Dead Meat.mp3 1.86 Mb download
2. Locust - Backbones Of Jack Asses.mp3 4.02 Mb download
3. Locust - Brand New Set Of Teeth.mp3 1.77 Mb download
4. Locust - Cattle Mutilation.mp3 1.28 Mb download
5. Locust - Dog Without A Collar Run Over Red Rover.mp3 1.37 Mb download
6. Locust - Fixed Companionship Gost Town Irrationality.mp3 1.86 Mb download
7. Locust - Hairspray Suppository.mp3 2.35 Mb download
8. Locust - Halfway To A Worthless Ideal Arrangement An Interlude To A Discontinued Sarcastic Harmony.mp3 2.35 Mb download
9. Locust - High Maintenance Libido Bring The Whole Family.mp3 2.84 Mb download
10. Locust - How To Build A Pessimistic Lie Detector.mp3 1.96 Mb download
11. Locust - Kill Roger Hedgecock.mp3 2.35 Mb download
12. Locust - Moth Eaten Deer Head.mp3 3.53 Mb download
13. Locust - Nice Tranquil Thumb In Mouth.mp3 2.26 Mb download
14. Locust - Normal Run Of The Muck Compensation For Conversation.mp3 1.57 Mb download
15. Locust - Skin Graft At Seventy Five Miles Per Hour.mp3 1.96 Mb download
16. Locust - Straight From The Horses Mouth.mp3 3.53 Mb download
17. Locust - Stucco Obelisks Labeled As Trees.mp3 2.16 Mb download
18. Locust - The Perils Of Believing In Round Squares.mp3 2.65 Mb download
19. Locust - Twenty Three Full Time Cowboys.mp3 3.24 Mb download
20. Locust - Well Ill Be A Monkeys Uncle.mp3 2.45 Mb download

Artist: Kings Of Leon
Song: The End

(1st Verse)
Running with the street lights
Laughing at the grave
He swears he's gonna give it up
It's never gonna be enough
I just wanna be there
When your all alone
Thinking bout a better day
When ya had it in ya bones

This could be the end (4x)

(2nd Verse)
I see you in the evening
Sitting on your throne
And praying with the fireball,
And posted it up against the wall
I just wanna hold you
Take you by your hand
And tell you that your good enough
Tell ya that it's gonna be tough

Cos I aint got a home

(3rd Verse)
Running from the street lights
Shinning on the grave
Once you've had the good stuff
Never gonna fill you up
I wanna be the one who
Gives em all the world
And gives em all a feel of it
Just a little taste of it

Cos I aint got a home
I'm out here all alone
Cos I aint got a home
Out here all alone
Said I aint got a home
Out here all alone
I aint got a home
I'll forever roam
I aint got a home

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